The Saint Select Website

The Saint Select

Author: Zaijen Santos

Have you ever heard of Nomer’s Famous recipes? No? Well, my father tends to call everything he makes that…but believe me, they should be called that. His “famous” fried chicken (pictured to the left), is absolutely delicious, and perfectly fried. This website contains some legendary recipes from my father, as well as recipes handed down from my family. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like!


Here’s what we have!

Jamie’s After Run Smoothie

Grandma Joyce’s Fudge

Grandma Joyce’s Snickers Salad

My Mother’s Grandmother’s Potato Salad

Nomer’s Famous Fried Chicken


Zaijen’s Edited Nestle Toll House Cookies

Chicken Adobo

Egg Pancakes

Nomer’s Famous Fried Shrimp



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