Dumale Family Cooks

Family Recipe Website Web Address: dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com

Website Author:Kenamarie Muna

Description of Website:This website was created to share our wonderful family meals with other families around the world. We like to share ideas of some delicious recipe you can make in your own kitchen.

Link to Featured Photo: https://wordpress.com/stats/insights/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com

Names of 10 of your website’s recipes with links to each recipe.

Pancit – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/225

Arroz Caldo – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/183

Corn Soup – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/142

Sinigang – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/94

Chicken Adobe – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/70

Red Rice – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/24

Lumpia – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/277

Siopao – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/250

Manha Tatiyas – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/280

Empanadas – https://wordpress.com/post/dumalefamilycooks.wordpress.com/283


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